This portfolio represents some of the websites created by Chris Hoy. A well-designed website should be visually attractive, quick to load, easy to navigate, and be found on search engines. All of Chris Hoy’s websites are created from scratch, using a CSS layering system, and are compatible with all browsers on all platforms. Special attention is made to branding, so that your website will match the look, feel and creative direction of your other marketing products.
Angeles Composites
Manufactures composite parts for the
aerospace industry. Some of these include
Bombardier, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.
Website follows a “carbon fiber” look and
feel that matches their brand.

Enviroclean Northwest
A toxic mold inspection company. Employs a dog that is trained to detect hidden toxic mold. They also offer water intrusion detection and lab services- very useful to real estate and property management.
Merrill & Ring
Founded over 100 years ago, (Since 1888) Merrill & Ring is a forestry and land management company headquartered Olympic Peninsula The company partners hold 75,000 acres of productive timberland.
Lucky Star Farm
Chris Hoy’s parents have been raising
dairy goats for the last 36 years. With
more than 80 permanent champions and
2 national show winners, they earned
quite a reputation!

Albright Networks
An IT company here in Port Angeles -
customer wanted a sophisticated design
with open space and fine lines. Used
elements of nature to represent the
services offered.

SJ Cole Eyewear
A company that sells high quality reading glasses as kits to dealers. This site is
clean, simple, and open - with a touch of
creative design.